Author: The Chronicler

  • June Blackout

    Our friend and cast-mate, Steve MacDonald, has encountered a family tragedy. As a family of sorts ourselves, we’ve all decided to not record or release new episodes during the month […]

  • 24: I Don’t Think I’m Wearing Pants

    Faced with the task of bringing Aelin to Zaos, the Party returns to their favorite inn to regroup. Meanwhile, Callum has some surprising and deep discussions that ask some hard […]

  • 23: Dr Nick’s Store of Hospitalergy

    The Party has yet again reunited, only for Gheroth – with Pough’s “help” – to venture out of The Yawning Portal in search of a way to regain functionality to […]

  • 22: Faux-bog

    Aelin wakes to find herself in a field, picnicking with her mother. Wilder has cut himself loose after walking through the dimensional door into what appears to be a giant […]

  • 21: A Very Wet Pough

    With Aelin and Pan-Da bamfed into the unknown during the encounter with Nimlalwe, the remaining Party members venture on to track down Zaos.

  • 20: Katie Comes to Town

    Katie Leigh, the voice who raised millions through Adventures in Odyssey, Dungeons & Dragons, Darkwing Duck, and many other cartoons, has joined the party! We’re ecstatic and hope you are, […]

  • 19: Orbog or Go Home

    The party continues to investigate the odd happenings around Waterdeep and explores the Sugarbaker family bakery. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

  • 18: I Was A Goat

    The Party encounters an old friend at The Yawning Portal that may have its own consequences.

  • 17: A Pretty Dead Night

    The List of Craigory makes an appearance as Aelin continues to re-assemble The Party in an effort to find her parents.

  • 16: Beware The Cheese Danish

    It’s been a year and a half since the fall of Christopher, Stumblefoot has become the new Lord of Waterdeep, and the party have gone their separate ways. During a […]

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