Two New Voices Join The Strangers



Playing Games with Strangers has become known over the last four years for our cast of voice actors and the colorful characters they portray. As we came closer to the end of the first campaign, it became apparent to our Game Master, John Harju, that the table felt incomplete with the voices of Eric Compogno, Steve MacDonald, and JS Earls moving on to take care of other needs and projects. In early 2023, Amanda Clements joined the cast as the mysterious rogue assassin, Meira, and was shortly thereafter welcomed into the fold quietly.

Today, we are incredibly pleased to announce the addition of two new voices coming to Playing Games with Strangers this spring as we begin our second campaign, which will consist of a new band of adventurers and take place in the land of Fandïria.

Please join us in welcoming Ben Avery and John-Michel “JM” Bilezikian in their to-be-announced roles! (We have to keep some kind of suspense!)

You may already recognize Ben for his guest spots on one-shot episodes like “Liberation Day” and “The Pungeon” as well as other podcasts like Strangers & Aliens and Supersonic PodComics, which was the birthplace of Playing Games with Strangers.

JM, however, is an absolute newcomer and has not appeared on the podcast yet, but you will hear him as Weston in the upcoming PGwS Sidequest, “The Pine Springs Chronicles”, a mini-campaign utilizing the Monster of the Week roleplaying system.

About JM


If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve actually played multiple sessions with him for the upcoming Pine Springs Chronicles Sidequest, it would be easy to think he was just a figment of Squid’s imagination!

In all reality, JM is bringing his knowledge of TTRPG mechanics and very thoughtful roleplaying skills to the PGwS table. As previously mentioned, you’ll hear him very soon as “Weston” when we release our supporter-exclusive campaign utilizing the Monster of the Week system. He’ll also be a regular with the premiere of Campaign Two this spring.

About Ben

Ben Avery

Ben Avery is a multi-talented storyteller experienced in comic books, novels, puppetry, and animation, initially gaining recognition for adapting George R.R. Martin’s Hedge Knight novellas into graphic novels. He has worked with major publishers like Image, Marvel, and Zondervan, contributing to series like Timeflyz and ArmorQuest, appealing to a wide age range. Recently, he’s been adapting Bible stories into comics and launched a sci-fi novel, Ghosts of the Future. Beyond his work, Avery is a children’s pastor in northern Indiana, living in a converted church with his wife and five children, integrating storytelling into every aspect of his life.

Ben has been a guest of PGwS in the past, but he will be a regular with the debut of Campaign Two.

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