Pint Saized Art History

From fights between artists, biographical episodes, and how art affects everyone day to day, Pint Saized Art History works to bring art history to you in a fun and accessible way armed with a drink and a friend or two.

By Dani Saiz


No Man, No God, No Tram, Can Tell Her What She Can Do // Frida Kahlo

January 06, 2022

Happy 1 year Pint Saized Art History!Squid joins again for a more biographical episode going over the life of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.Support the show by buying Drunk Stickers hereArtwork Discussed:Broken Column, c1944, Frida KahloThe Flower Vender, c


Walking Statues, Aliens Building Pyramids, and How Racism is the Dumb One // The Power of Human Builders

December 23, 2021

When mysteries in larger than life art comes up, so do the thought of aliens. Squid is the guest today talking aliens, architecture, and making guesses--some educated.Artwork Discussed:Pyramid of Khufu, (aka Cheops or the Great Pyramid) c2600 BC, EgyptPyr


How to Stop Demons: Step 1) Drop Trow, Step 2) Profit // Horrifying and Hilarious Humanity, Genitalia Makes Us Human

December 10, 2021

Dani^2 with Squid this time around to talk about art where the sun don't shine gets its moment in the spotlight. Artwork Discussed:Terracotta Statuette of Baubo, c100BC-100AD, EgyptTerracotta Baubo, c400-300BC, Priene, Asia MinorThe Devil of Pope-Fig


The Most Famous Undercover Mother // Mona Lisa and da Vinci

November 25, 2021

Dani and Squid discuss the Mona Lisa and DaVinci's process and muse behind it along with some theories and studies on the piece.Artwork Discussed:The Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, c1503-1506Audrey Munson for those who wanted to knowMarked "Expli


What To Do When You're a Master Painter by Sixteen and Other Problems I Don't Have // Pablo Picasso and Academicism

November 11, 2021

Along with Squid comes guest Josh (2.0) and Aly to talk about Pablo Picasso's early years, learning to paint, and everything in between.Artwork Discussed:Le petit picador jaune, c1889, Pablo PicassoScience and Charity, c1897, Pablo PicassoThe Paintin


When is an Artist Just an Artist? When They're Cis-White Males // Adrian Piper and Identity as a Medium

October 28, 2021

Thanks to the editing prowess of return guest Squid, we're bringing you a regular schedule. For thirsty Thursday today, we're talking about American born, Germany living, artist Adrian Piper.Artwork Discussed:Performance piece at the Louvre, c20


What Do you Call a Man Nailing Himself to a Volkswagen Bug and Having Someone Rev the Engine? A Spectacle // Chris Burden

October 14, 2021

As is evident by the lateness of this episode, Dani is the worst at editing, but Squid & Josh make wonderful guests to sit, drink, and talk about the controversial performance art days of Chris Burden.Artwork discussed:Five Day Locker Piece, c1971, Ch


Duality of Man, Birthing an Art Movement and Being a Murderer // Caravaggio is a Wild Man

September 02, 2021

After a bit of a surprise time, Pint Saized Art History is back! This time with Squid again, talking about criminal histories, artichokes, and the time the pope put a hit out on a man.Marked "Explicit" for: strong language and Stephen King gore


Touch Me and I'll Scream // How Technology and Art Can Lead to Confusion

June 18, 2021

Squid is back and so is her grudge against Artemisia Gentileschi! Join us while we discuss art, tumblr, and crediting artists.Art Discussed:Susanna and the Elders, c1610, Artemisia GentileschiSusanna and the Elders, Restored - X-Ray, c1998, Kathleen Gilje


Hot Lucifer and How Hot is Too Hot for the Pope \\ The Geefs Brothers' Statues vs the Catholic Church

May 20, 2021

Along for the ride is Squid and newcomer, Ziel! Join us in discussing the temptations of Lucifer/Satan and how attractiveness has changed since the mid 1800s.Art Discussed:Boy Bitten By A Lizard, c1593-4, CaravaggioL'ange du mal, c1842, Joseph GeefsL