Wilder’s Goat Party



John and JS were out for our last Session Friday, so Dave assembled Josiah, Celeste, Squid, and Eric to play a very meta game of Goat Crashers.

Goat Crashers, if you haven’t heard of it, is a one-page RPG created by Grant Howitt. In the game one player (the Goat Master) leads a group of goats through a party-crashing adventure. We took a step further and had Wilder – not Dave – run the game with Pough, Aelin, Callum, and Stumblefoot all playing their goats.

Grant Howitt has some other great one-pagers, like Honey Heist and Trashkins we’ve played away from the podcast. They’re free, so you should check them out to play at your own table!

Music and SFX by Tabletop Audio

Playing Games with Strangers Theme by Steve Arthur

Episode engineer(s): Dave Clements

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