Crossover with Sumo Girl



We hope you enjoy this special crossover episode with Supersonic Pod Comics’ Sumo Girl series!


It’s more than just good fun! Elements from this adventure will have lasting repercussions on the world of Pough, Gheroth, Orbog, Aelin & Callum. Just you wait & see…


Sumo Girl was written & created by J.S. Earls

Sound Production by Nathan James Norman

Jenda Chan as Hojo Gozen (aka Sumo Girl)
Michelle Nuñez as Orthi
Hiroshi Kita as Eiji Gozen
Mike Williams as Golem King
Josiah Crandall as Pough
Steven MacDonald as Gheroth
John Harju as The Keeper
Celeste Mora as Aelin
J.S. Earls as Orbog
Alana Zych, Jenda Chan, Josiah Crandall, and Steven MacDonald as The Petra

“Still Alive” written & performed by Future Classic

Narration by Nathan James Norman