C1-23: Dr. Nick’s Store of Hospitalergy

The Party has yet again reunited, only for Gheroth – with Pough’s “help” – to venture out of The Yawning Portal in search of a way to regain functionality to his leg. They stumble upon an unexpected dilemma and something even more surprising.


  • John Harju as The Dungeon Master
  • JS Earls as Orbog Towerfall
  • Josiah Crandall as Pough Sanders
  • Katherine “Squid” Czerwinski as Callum Mordha
  • Steve MacDonald as Gheroth Uxish
  • Celeste Mora as Aelin Sugarbaker
  • Dave Clements as Wilder Filch

Episode Engineer: John Harju & Josiah Crandall
Playing Games with Strangers Theme by Steven Arthur
Ambient music provided by Tabletop Audio