C1-07.5: Not Today Cthulhu

Chronicler’s Note: For those who listened to this episode as it was originally released, we mistakenly forget to post this one, which caused a large, confusing gap between episodes 7 and 8. It’s an important one, as you’ll soon discover.

A group of voice actors from Supersonic Pod Comics band together as DM John Harju guides them through Dungeons & Dragons. Witness the sarcasm of Callum, the shortness of Orbog, the honor of Gheroth, and the daftness of Pough in their first adventure!


  • John Harju – The Dungeon Master
  • JS Earls – Orbog Towerfall
  • Steven MacDonald – Gheroth Uxish
  • Josiah Crandall – Pough of the House of Sanders
  • Celeste Mora – Aelin Sugarbaker

Episode Engineers: John Harju