BONUS: Power Tour (April Fools 2021)

It’s April Fools Day, so here’s a special one-shot for you!

We find some jukebox heroes in a teenage wasteland encountering a monster of rock! Will the ruler of this place be the king of America or a king of pain? Is someone building the perfect beast, or will these lost boys have to fight the good fight against a stranger in a strange land who wants to take the crown back in black? Can the crazy train give them live aid to the sonic temple before the final countdown? Enjoy the silence!


  • Steve MacDonald – The Game Master
  • JS Earls – Ohnyay Aryuhay
  • John Harju – Ricky Stinger
  • Josiah Crandall – Oswald
  • Dave Clements – BR-1 (Bruno)

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