13: Tiggers Taste Like Chicken

After closing the portal and losing Aelin in the process, Pough wanders off on his own to clear his head and ponder his next steps to confront Christopher. Orbog, Gherroth, and Wilder go in search of their silly ol’ bugbear.

Welcome Adventurers!

A hilarious D&D actual-play podcast without the profanity. Gasp! What?! Can there be such a beast?!?

Of course! We’re not birds for cawing out loud. We don’t need no fowl language to get the job done! Now, we do get a bit violent… and our medically-minded DM can get a little graphic with his descriptions, but hey, it’s better than us hacking and slashing things in real life… right?

And we’re dealing with demons and icky poo-poo stuff, so it’s sorta like therapy. Really really intense therapy… but funny. Did we mention funny? It is. We promise.

So come join the fun. The adventure gets bigger and better with every episode!

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