23: Dr Nick’s Store of Hospitalergy

The Party has yet again reunited, only for Gheroth – with Pough’s “help” – to venture out of The Yawning Portal in search of a way to regain functionality to his leg. They stumble upon an unexpected dilemma and something even more surprising. Cast John Harju as The Dungeon Master JS Earls as Orbog Towerfall Josiah Crandall as Pough Sanders Katherine “Squid” Czerwinski as Callum Mordha Steve MacDonald as Gheroth Uxish Celeste Mora as Aelin Sugarbaker Dave Clements as Wilder Filch Episode Engineer: John Harju & Josiah CrandallPlaying Games with Strangers Theme by Steven ArthurAmbient music provided by TabletopAudio.com

22: Faux-bog

Aelin wakes to find herself in a field, picnicking with her mother. Wilder has cut himself loose after walking through the dimensional door into what appears to be a giant ocean. Callum has split yet again. What’s going on with the Party?!

16: Beware The Cheese Danish

It’s been a year and a half since the fall of Christopher, Stumblefoot has become the new Lord of Waterdeep, and the party have gone their separate ways. During a performance at The Yawning Portal, Aelin’s kid brother, Arlin busts through the door, bringing the group back together for the start of another adventure. Episode Engineer: John HarjuPlaying Games with Strangers Theme by Steven Arthur

BONUS: Power Tour (April Fools 2021)

It’s April Fools Day, so here’s a special one-shot for you! We find some jukebox heroes in a teenage wasteland encountering a monster of rock! Will the ruler of this place be the king of America or a king of pain? Is someone building the perfect beast, or will these lost boys have to fight the good fight against a stranger in a strange land who wants to take the crown back in black? Can the crazy train give them live aid to the sonic temple before the final countdown? Enjoy the silence! Episode Engineer: Steve MacDonald